Paris Hilton is still an idiot

While off camera during her CNN interview, Larry King asked Paris if she votes. Paris said that she did. King then asked when she last voted, Paris replied, “Last year.” When asked what election she voted in, Paris told Larry, “Presidential.” Wonderful, except for the fact there was no presidential election last year. She might as well have told Larry she was a little Martian plotting to take over the world and that there are subliminal messages in those cooch and nip slip shots everyone has seen. And that the girl in the porno she made wasn’t her. It was a Paris Hilton look-a-like. Then when Larry looks at her funny, Paris could stand up and spin around in circles chanting, “I’m invisible, you can’t see me.”

Photos: Buzzfoto

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16 years ago

Enough with the ‘Paris Bashing’…who is the “booked” girl holding hands with her. She should be famous!!!!!