Amy Winehouse overdosed

Amy Winehouse’s record company labeled her collapse at the hospital yesterday as “severe exhaustion”. In reality, the 23-year-old Winehouse had a huge overdose.

Tattooed Amy, whose stick-thin frame and sallow complexion has worried friends and fans alike, was given an adrenaline shot in the early hours drama. And she had her stomach pumped.

The Daily Mail is reporting Amy is on the verge of checking into rehab despite her saying she never would. One of these sites said she started her career as a size 12. She’s now a size something a lot less than 12. 1 or 0. Combine that with the time she carved “I Love Blake” into her stomach and any doctor will agree; she’s f’d in the head.

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16 years ago

I saw a pic of what she used to look like in Blender. She was actually really pretty and you’d never know it was the same woman. Now she just looks… well, sick.