Amy Winehouse quit rehab again

Amy Winehouse

Amy Winehouse has left rehab for the second time this month. Just last week she left less than 48 hours into her stay. She and her husband, Blake, would later check into The Causeway clinic on Thursday. That didn’t last long either as the peacefulness of rehab was ruined by their screaming matches. They took a taxi and left on Sunday.

“While Amy would be welcomed back with open arms, I’m not sure they’d say the same for Blake.

“Everyone is really worried that if they are let loose in London again they’ll just go straight back to their old druggy habits.”

Amy Winehouse and Lindsay Lohan should get along really well. They’re both major screw-ups with no sense of self and, between these two, they’ve made about a dozen trips to rehab. If this was a competition, I’d have to give the edge to Lindsay Lohan. Her boobs are WAY bigger. I don’t know what that has to do with what I just said, but you can’t fight the facts, man.

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13 years ago

You’re also forgetting that another major difference is Amy has a discernible talent. I love her, I want to be her when I grow up. She needs to dump her junkie hubby :( Screw you, Blake.

13 years ago

I agree with Nicolina, Amy has a great voice and possesses more talent than both of Lohan’s breasts combined.

13 years ago

I think she looks like a fuckin tranny and she needs to possibly…. eat s**t and die.

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