Britney Spears’ new fragrance is a rip

Britney Spears believe

According to the site, Young Go Getter, Elizabeth Arden’s new Britney Spears fragrance, Believe, ripped off the logo of a somewhat popular charity called Mondonation. The author cites Mondonation’s “I Believe” t-shirt as the inspiration for the Elizabeth Arden logo. I think not. Clearly the two are different. The perfume logo has “Britney Spears TM” slapped up top. The original one doesn’t. Big difference dude. Nice try though.

Note: I couldn’t find the logo they gave as evidence on the mondonation site and technically this isn’t Britney’s fault although it is her perfume.

Update: According to Hoot. It’s the 2nd picture here.

Photo from the YGG site.

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