Jennifer Aniston still pathetic

Star reports that Jennifer Aniston and recovering cocaine addict / British model Paul Sculfor have broken up “leaving Jen without a man again”. A source says Paul wants to stay clean and doesn’t want to be sucked into Hollywood’s world of drugs. Although Paul never alleges Jennifer does drugs, he believes it’s common in her circle of friends. Star says,

“I think Jen feels that no man in her life can ever match Brad, and it’s causing all of her relationships to fail,” says a source.
Another insider notes that Jen is constantly talking with her therapist and girlfriends about Brad!
“She can’t move on,” says the source. “She knows she screwed up by not starting a family with him. She kicks herself every day.”
That’s a big source of pain for Jen, say insiders. “The closer she gets to the big 4-0, the more she fears she may have missed out,” says another source. “She believes that if she doesn’t have a baby in the next year or so, it might be too late for her to conceive.”

This chick is delirious. Brad Pitt is gone, move on. He’s with Angelina Jolie. The only way you can get him back is if you kill Angelina Jolie and I hear she’s a ninja. Plus, you don’t see me still whining about my dog that was run-over two years ago. Probably because it wasn’t my dog and I was the one who ran him over. Sorry kid, but maybe you should have built his house out of something a little a stronger than wood.

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