Madonna wants to stop the naked photos


Madonna is devastated 17 notes and seven Polaroids she sent to then boyfriend James Albright in the early 90’s are being auctioned off at the same time the head of Malawi’s child welfare service shadows her to see if she is fit to permanently adopt her baby. James Albright is said to be selling the photos because he’s in debt.

Some of the pictures, which the singer took of herself, show her naked in explicit poses.
The collection also includes personal items such as underwear which Madonna apparently sent to Albright during their two-year relationship.

15 year old underwear? Sold! Those are vintage panties, baby. Much like fine wine, the longer they stagnate, the more intoxicating the smell. Not only that, it’s from when Madonna was more “fun”. So you know they’ll be packed with all sorts of juic…ok, I can’t, I just can’t, I’m going to vomit.

  • Mihaela Radu

    No wonder her behavior is as it is. Shes one of the biggest musical thieves ever.

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