Julia Garner is Your New Madonna

Julia Garner, best known for Ozark and Inventing Anna, scored the lead role as Madonna in her upcoming biopic. Cool, excited I am.

Garner beat out people like Florence Pugh (Little Women), Alexa Demie (Maddy from Euphoria) and Odessa Young (Mothering Sunday).

She must’ve received Madonna’s personal approval since Madonna will direct, which, ohh, already puts this on shaky ground. What has Madonna directed?

On the other hand, Garner gets first-hand access to Madonna’s brain. That can only help her performance.

Unfortunately, Madonna’s ego will get in the way of Garner’s performance. Madonna’s directing a move about herself. She’s gonna make herself look as good as possible. Garner’s not gonna be allowed much input, and will just be a vessel for Madonna’s directions. You could say that’s all actors, but good movies have input from everyone, though granted the director ultimately ties everything together.

Am I talking out of my butt? Yea, probably. Although Garner was a great choice, not sure it’s gonna help the movie.

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