Spencer Pratt might be using Heidi Montag

While Spencer Pratt’s childhood friend, Alex, insists he’s in love with Heidi Montag, other’s are convinced he’s only using Heidi for fame. Spencer once told Details about his goal to date everyone on The Hills and is only with Heidi now because some other girl didn’t want him. One Hills insider says,

“Spencer used to brag about how he wanted to be famous and he’d do it by becoming an It couple with Heidi.”

Oh, come on. That’s ridiculous. Charles Manson didn’t have to date anyone from a reality tv show to become famous. Obviously, this is all a big lie. Here. Spencer’s response should clear things up.

“Anyone who the truth knows that I was into Heidi from the beginning,” he tells Us.

I hope that’s not a typo and Spencer really said that because that would cement his whole douchebagginess. The guy is a dumbass and The Hills is a retarded show. You’d get more famous by punching out Ronald McDonald at Michael Jackson’s birthday party.

Meanwhile, Heidi Montag has taken to wearing an “I Got Tricked” t-shirt. Presumably because she’s easily coerced into anal.

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16 years ago

Hey, even I could have predicted that and I don’t even watch the Hills.

16 years ago

Aim higher Spence! Dating a D-list REALITY STAR is not going to help your career. Unless you’re shooting for Surreal Life #7.