Uwe Boll thinks his movies are genius

Video may be NSFW. Wired ran an unflattering review of Uwe Boll’s newest entry into IMDB’s bottom 100, aka Postal (based off the video game of the same name), without realizing they would have to suffer the wrath of Uwe. Shortly after posting, the writer, Chris, received this e-mail (along with others) from Uwe,

your review shows me only that you dont understand anything about movies and that you are a untalented wanna bee filmmaker with no balls and no understanding what POSTAL is. you dont see courage because you are nothing. and no go to your mum and f**k her …because she cooks for you now since 30 years she deserves it.
people like you are the reason that independent movies have no chance anymore.
uwe boll
PS: POSTAL is R RATED . The MPAA understood the satire — you not — you dumb f**k

Last time, Uwe Boll sought revenge on his critics by challenging them to a boxing match, but hand-picked his opponents to make sure they had no prior boxing experience. He’s a puss. This is the same guy who directed BloodRayne, Alone in the Dark and House of the Dead. I think he himself set independent movies back 10 years. And if there’s anything you can learn from Uwe Boll, it would be how to make shitty movies and be a little bitch about critics calling them shitty movies.

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