Britney Spears will open the VMA’s

MTV released a statement saying Britney Spears will indeed open the video music awards show by performing her new single, Gimme More, live. Criss Angel will also be part of the act. He will be guiding her through mirrors making Britney, and not just her career, disappear.

This sounds like a monumental event. I need to set my alarm. Hm, so how do you set one on a cellphone? I press set and the middle button… what? Why did it exit? This sucks. Forget it. I’m just going to pee in my neighbor’s mailbox. See what happens when you steal my mail?

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lee mitchell
16 years ago

“Britney Spears will open the VMA’s”…Finally, Britney will open something other than her legs.

16 years ago

the VMAs are really going downhill fast. this ranks somewhere below the michael jackson and lisa presley kiss. at least that was totally unexpected.

16 years ago

if no one likes her.Then why is everyone youtubing and goggling the vma’s. The reason why is becuase they have nothing better to do.But make fun of her yeah it wasn’t the best preforments that she ever put on. i think everyone should just let her be.