Get the fark out of the neighborhood Britney Spears

Britney and her sister Jamie Lynn were making their way to Shu Restaurant surrounded by a throng of paparazzi when a woman told her to “get the f**k out of our neighborhood” and that nobody wants her there. The paparazzi told her to f herself and Jamie Lynn told her to “move the f**k out.” I’m sure the citizens of Beverly Glen would agree with Jamie. Who wouldn’t want a pudgy pop star, her sister and a herd of paparazzi trampling their kids? What good are they anyway with those child labor laws?

The video description says the woman was pushing Jamie Lynn which I couldn’t see, but whatever. She could have poked Jamie or Britney in the eye for all I care. I still would have given her a medal or at least a cookie. If it was me, I’d poke Britney in the belly just to see if she did that Pillsbury Doughboy giggle or if donut jelly would squirt out.

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16 years ago

Why would the other lady have to move out? And it’s good to see Britney recovering from losing her kids. She needs more time for Britney..more time to shop, more time to eat..more time to do whatever it is that she does.