Halle Berry doesn’t want an ugly baby

Halle Berry

41-year-old Halle Berry is currently pregnant with boyfriend / model, Gabriel Aubry’s child. On Tuesday, Halle Berry spoke with Oprah regarding her fears of having a baby. Specifically, having a deformed, ugly baby. Because you just can’t love those things. No matter how many plastic bags you put over their head.

“When you’re pregnant, you have this idealized view of what the baby looks like,” Halle explains to Oprah Winfrey on the chat-queen’s show today. But what she says you don’t like to visualize is the post-birth reality, with its “head smashed, purple, one ear folded down, eyes swollen.”

I assume Halle Berry wouldn’t be too pleased if she gave birth to Sloth from The Goonies or a Garbage Pail Kid. If she does, she’ll probably do the only thing anyone can do. Flush it down the toilet. No, that’s wrong. If it clogs, the plumber will be so pissed. Hmm, when’s trash day? Tuesday?

Halle Berry: I’m Going to Have an Ugly Baby! [OK! Magazine]

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Herman B

halle. why would you worry about having an ugly baby, if you hadn’t been f*cking an ugly man. you stalker, why are you talking about my one ear and puffy eyes?

Herman B

you and your mom, got people running around here calling me fugly

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