Jenna Jameson is still gross

Jenna Jameson walked the Heatherette runway again yesterday. By now, I’m assuming Heatherette is like the freak show of fashion. Other people have skinny models modeling haute couture. Heatherette goes the other way around and has crack whores, extreme anorexics, basically, the dregs of society modeling their stuff. I’m surprised there wasn’t a girl with lobster hands walking down the runway. It’s actually quite a genius plan. If anyone is brave enough to wear this stuff, they’ll look great by comparison. It’s the same reason hot women befriend fat, ugly girls and the same reason I stand next to cancer patients in pictures. Check out my muscles and full head of hair. I’m not even dragging around one of those IV stands! Holy crap, I’m sexy.

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Capt. Cornhole
Capt. Cornhole
16 years ago

I think the greatest thing about JJ is that she is so considerate. That she cares enough to get her cornhole bleached on a regular basis so that it remains nice and pink for whomever is lucky enough to be eating it!
Nothing quite like a bleached pink cornhole to set my mouth a watering.