Jenna Jameson Hates Abortions and Muslims, Loves the KKK

Jenna Jameson, a porn star who was famous 20 years ago, has really shitty opinions.

Maybe it’s just the Alzheimer’s kicking in.

If she bothered to learn anything about the actual natural process through which a child is conceived, she would know that most abortions happen while the supposed murdered child is basically a clump of cells, not that far off from what women slough off during their periods every month.

So, what, are all menstruating women murderers?

According to Jenna Jameson, yeah.

She also thinks that mentioning that most of the terrorist attacks in this country are enacted by white dudes is “retarded” and it’s really every Muslim on Earth, most of which are not shooting up Planned Parenthood clinics, theaters, schools, and black churches every few months, that we need to be scared of.

Yeah, the KKK only spent generations lynching black people at picnics. Nothing shitty at all about being in the fucking Klan.

Maybe all those huge dicks slapping her across the face knocked some of her reasoning loose.

She also called Representative Keith Ellison an “abomination” and when he blocked her, she called him anti-Semitic.

Which one is it Jameson? Are you pro-Jew or pro-Klan? This isn’t a taco shell commercial. You can’t have both. Even though she converted to Judaism a minute ago, I would like to start a movement to de-convert her. We don’t want her crazy ass. Last winter, she even got in a fight with former KKK leader David Duke, so who the fuck knows where she stands on anything.

Other than that Muslims are scary and menstruating makes you a murderer. I guess.

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Bob Frapples

“last week when Playboy did a good thing”
WTF? Playboy is about showing naked women for men. NOBODY wants to see naked dudes who think they’re girls! Liberals LOVE science when it comes to shitting on religion but not when it comes to gender.

Jac Jac

Ines Rau has the right to identify as a woman. But all the plastic surgery in the world can not make her one. Playboy’s desperate bid for attention may bite them in the ass.

And you don’t have to be a Liberal to shit on religion.

Perry de Havilland

“This guy identifies as a girl. And that’s cool.”

Meanwhile back in the real world, it’s a sorry turn of events to see a porn star, no less, stating something blindly obvious to anyone with a modicum of common sense, and yet still get shouted down for daring to engage in wrongthink. Goodness, and then she has the temerity to not respond to criticism with a cringing apology for the crime of saying what most other people are probably thinking.

John Monitor

I agree with Jenna … I want to see naked women, not men who have been skin grafted to look like women. Its like the difference between fake boobs and natural ones – men don’t care, as long as they’re boobs that came from women (not ones grown in a lab.)

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