Kate Hudson and Dax Shepard are over

Kate Hudson finally realized who she was dating and has ended it with Dax Shepard. Post Chronicle says Kate broke it off with Dax because she realized how much she loved Owen Wilson after his suicide attempt. NYDN says she just got bored. Meanwhile, In Touch Weekly reports on the one that no one cares about. Dax who?

“Dax is devastated over losing Kate. He will do anything to win her back.”

Oh, Dax. Any misguided attempt at proving your love will only make you seem more desperate and desperation is unattractive. I would know. One time, I tried to win a girl back like John Cusack in Say Anything. Except, I was a little bit more creative. Instead of holding a stupid boombox over my head, I carved “I love you,” into my stomach and pressed it against her window at night while she was watching a movie with her new boyfriend. Surprisingly, she didn’t take me back. Women are such a mystery.

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