Kid Rock arrested for fighting at Waffle House

Kid Rock and five of his entourage were arrested Sunday for brawling with a customer at the Waffle House in DeKalb County. Kid was charged with misdemeanor battery while the customer, who recognized some woman with Kid, was charged with one felony count of second degree criminal damage to property.

A male customer recognized a woman in Kid Rock’s entourage, and police say that customer and the woman had words. That escalated into an argument, then a physical fight in the parking lot of the Waffle House, located on Buford Highway. Police were summoned, and Kid Rock’s tour bus was pulled over a short time later.

The big news isn’t that Kid Rock was arrested, it’s that Kid Rock is still performing. Surprisingly, having never released a good album or even a decent song, he still has a career as both a singer and as a guy who had sex with Pamela Anderson. Although, to be honest, “guy who had sex with Pamela Anderson” isn’t really that special. Unless you count being in a group of 5,945 people “special”. I hear if you’re the 6,000th person, you get a free hep shot and a burger.

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Celebrity Trashcan
16 years ago

What self respecting redneck would not throw down and defend his honor in the presence of skanks at the Waffle House? This is so white trash but great media exposure for Kid Rock. He has a new album to pimp and news like this reinforces his “badass” monicker among his fans.