Brad Pitt is jealous

Brad Pitt is said to be jealous of the steamy scenes between Angelina Jolie and co-star James McAvoy in her upcoming flick Wanted. Angelina is even rumored to have requested sexy scenes such as a nude bath scene with James to be added and even brought in her own writer to spice things up.

Evidently Angelina’s real-life leading man found it hard to watch her and James share a passionate lip lock. “Brad knows it’s only a movie,” a friend of the couple told L&S. “But seeing them together still stung. She hasn’t done anything that erotic since ‘Mr. and Mrs. Smith.'”

This sounds like a planted story to hype up Wanted. The movie looks fun and all, but when the main focus of your story is Angelina Jolie shooting things, you may need to add a little extra “oomph” to fuel the hype machine. Alluding to a potentially naked Angelina Jolie should do it.* Although, I have issues with L&S calling Mr. and Mrs. Smith erotic. My stuffed animals have had more erotic scenes than that. Take, for example, right now. Paddington Bear is whipping a bent over and ball-gagged Raggedy Anne with a riding crop. No, wait. Is that erotic or disturbing?

* She’s not naked.

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16 years ago

I’m jealous of Angelina. James MacAvoy is a right hottie. Brad Pitt is so blech…