Dog the Bounty Hunter is cancelled

Dog Chapman

Following Duane “Dog” Chapman’s racist tirade, A&E has decided to suspend Dog the Bounty Hunter indefinitely. The network issued this statement today.

“In evaluating the circumstances of the last few days, A&E has decided to take Dog The Bounty Hunter’ off the network’s schedule for the foreseeable future. We hope that Mr. Chapman continues the healing process that he has begun.”

To make matters worse, the recorded phone call was sold to The National Enquirer by Dog’s own son for “a lot of money.” It was the proverbial nail in the coffin for Dog’s career. Oh well, he had a good run and he and his sense of style, best described as Captain Planet meets Native American, will be missed, but not by much. Actually, not at all. In fact, he could be on fire tomorrow and the only thing people would do is quietly walk by, ignoring his screams of pain or, if someone was really, really, REALLY nice, they would pee on him.

  • mary

    Please bring Dog Chapman back on the air. I don’t believe he is racist, this was simply a private conversation between him and his son. Dog does a wonderful job getting criminals off of the streets. I think his apologizes are very sincere and you should place him back on the air. Please remember that Dog is only human and yes humans do make mistakes, but let us not judge him as he will be judged in the end by some one more powerful. I think he will continue to work on this and will continue doing a great for his career as well as for the airing. Just knowing that we are human we do fall and slip but yes we can pick ourselves up and yes I do believe that Dog Chapman will be able to improve. But let us not forget that in the good book a follower sold his father out for silver. Please don’t let this be another instance of just selling someone out. I hope you can find it in your hearts to give him a second chance. I believe that everyone deserves a second chance in life.

  • DoYogaFeelGreat

    So the man says a bad word and loses his job over it? So the PC, multi-culti, intolerant tolerance folks can rack up another point for themselves on this one… According to all the leading rappers, there’s nothing wrong with the n word. Additionally, this was a private conversation between father and son; so, first, isn’t it against the law to tape someones conversation without their knowledge?, and secondly, doesn’t Dog have some expectation of privacy?

  • beth

    Dog has done a lot of good, and has even treated criminals humanely. I hope that the public and the tv station can forgive him and they bring him back soon.

    Who are any of us to cast the first stone?????????

  • Jim

    To me this is just a case of some weasel playing “gotcha.” These weasels run around with recorders and minicams just praying that they can really put it to someone. Their whole life seems to be tied up in an attempt to ruin someone else’s. What a bunch of pathetic creeps they are. Also, would someone please tell me why a white American cannot use the same word that black Americans use. If you are annoyed by a word don’t listen to the person. If you are annoyed by a TV show turn it off. If you are annoyed by certain types of musice don’t listen to it. In other words live your own life and quit trying to tell me what I can and cannot do.

  • lala

    he got what he deserved

  • Yes I Said It

    I cant believe all you racist pigs are making excuses for this man.

    Get a clue, morons.. who cares if it was a private conversation. Its no longer private, and it shows a racist side of a man who, through his show, has become a public figure. This is not different from a promoter deciding not to carry a racist singer, comedian, or other entertainer because the public has now seen that racist side of them.

    Its the entertainment business. Get a clue. Once the public sees you’re a racist your image takes a hit. Advertisers dont want to get boycotted. A&E doesnt want to get boycotted for supporting him, etc. He brough this on himself.

    Make excuses for it all you want, but when you tell your child they’re fired from the family business for dating black person, and you’re repeatedly using the word n*gger over and over, maybe its because… youre a RACIST!!

    No sympathy here. good riddance.

  • I think that Dog is a racist!!! Let me give everyone a history lesson; that word was created by a white person (Master) to degrade black slaves. Over time the word has been used on a regular basis; was adopted and is used in context in the black community. For example (black use: hey nigga, white use: you black nigger) It’s a difference!! If whites use this word they are automatically considered racists. Why, because you guys use it in a offensive way. If anyone watched the White Rapper show, there was a white girl on the show and she used the “N” word. She grew up around blacks and when she used it, it was used in the correct context. I thought she did a great job using the “N” word but by her growing up around blacks she said it in a way that was offensive to some, but not to blacks because she used it in the correct context. Dog didn’t even meet the girl his son was dating he just knew she was black. So what does that say????? She was on CNN Headline News. If whites really understood what that word means you would understand. But of course you guys will never understand!!! That is the world we live in; monkey see, monkey do!!!

  • One

    Fabulous news!!!!

    He was garbage plain and simple. Lala, I co-sign with you. He got exactly what he deserved. I’m so tired of people runnin’ around using the excuse, “well if rappers call themselves the N-word, why can’t non-black people do it?” Look, it’s wrong either way people!!!!!!!! And besides NOT ALL BLACK PEOPLE CONDONE THE USE OF THIS WORD!!! So while it may not matter to some, I guarantee you it matters to the majority and not the very few who fail to understand the pain behind the word. YOU CAN NOT REDEFINE A WORD LIKE THE N-WORD, I DON”T CARE WHO YOU ARE!!! When rappers do it, it is wrong, WE ALL know its wrong, so instead of whining about why they get away with it, call them on their shit. Protest, do something!!! A&E had to can this idiot, because they would stand to loose millions of dollars, advertisers had already begun to pull their ads. Plus, they sure as hell didn’t want to deal with “Hot perm” Sharpton and Sleezy Jackson raisin’ hell.

  • Yes I Said It

    Somehow I dont think his son will be at the dinner table this thanksgiving…

  • This is a perfect example of how society has degraded into a rotting cesspool of ignrance and greed. Dog didn’t do this to himself, his ungrateful son did it to him. As a black man, I take offense to what he said but I can also understand and even empathize with the feelings behind his remarks. He built up a lifestyle for himself and his family and he has strong feeling about what he thinks is in the best interest of protecting what he has worked for.

    Take a look around and examine the state of what passes for black culture these days. A bunch of low life, substandard, ignorant hooligans spouting nonsense on records and videos, while sheep like masses emulate this degenerate behavior as if there is some kind of pride attached to being a violent, animalistic, uneducated blight on society. It sickens me to have to go to work everyday in my loafers, slacks and button down shirts, cozying up to my clueless superiors while gritting my teeth and trying my best to put on the, “I’m not like the rest of the negroes” smiley face, just so that I can make it ahead in this egotistical class based sludge that we call a society. I don’t need a *N-word* to cause my social betters to look down on me, they’ve been looking down on me since birth.

    As a former poor, white, drug addict and ex-con, I’m sure Dog has not forgotten just how quickly he can slip back down to the bottom of the socio-economic totem pole and be just another piece of poor white trash, worthy of the same contempt that the cultural and intellectual elite bestow upon most people of color in this country. Does it bother me that in 2007 whites still feel it necessary to elevate themselves above every other race of people by reverting back to the lowest form of insult? Sure it does. However, if we as a people stop giving them ammunition, it would be a lot more difficult to justify their actions.

    In closing I would just like to add that the thing that bothers me the most about this situation is the quick draw, ready made apology that always follows a situation like this. I think I would have had more respect and consideration for Mr. Chapman had he just had the courage of his convictions and stood behind what he said. I know he meant it, he knows he meant it, so why try and pretend as if it was some momentary lapse in judgement. No one should ever have to apologize for telling the truth or speaking their minds. Thank you.

  • ana

    I believe that racism is still around everywhere yet it is silent. The fact that african americans use the N word does not justify the usage of the word.
    if anything it allows for others to degrade them as they do eachother. I dont care if they use it as slang and feel its ok to use among eachother but bottom line is to get respect you have to earn it and throwing the word around left and right doesnt help the whole get rid of the N word situation. My son is a quarter black and if i ever hear him using that word i will make sure that is the first and last time i hear it outta his mouth. As for Bounty hunter , you get what u deserve and you got caught slipping sadly by your own son maybe outta anger or revenge for his dislikes about the race he chooses to date. We all have to work towards getting rid of that negative word and sadly some pay tougher consequences than others for the use of it.

  • Anon

    “Somehow I dont think his son will be at the dinner table this thanksgiving…”


    Yeah, I’m thinking no too. :P

  • Kim


  • V-dog

    Dog you are a mullet-headed ho!!

  • A man of God does NOT even entertain the thought of using a racial slur, as that type of language can be hurtful. The appropriate thing would have been to teach your family to NEVER use such slurs, thereby having nothing to hide. The use of this word truly comes from YOUR HEART, as it is a part of your daily life — what YOU truly believe!! It was bound to come to the surface. What you do in the dark, ultimately comes to light.


  • A man of God does NOT even entertain the thought of using a racial slur, as that type of language can be hurtful. The appropriate thing would have been to teach your family to NEVER use such slurs, thereby having nothing to hide. The use of this word truly comes from YOUR HEART, as it is a part of your daily life – what YOU truly believe!! It was bound to come to the surface. What you do in the dark, ultimately comes to light. I AM NOT ANGRY, JUST VERY DISAPPOINTED.


  • ashley

    Are you kidding me?! the man says a million curse words on the air, and that’s fine, but he uses one politcally incorrect word in a PRIVATE phone conversation with his son, who sold him out. I don’t like the word he used any more than the next guy, but seriously, he’s going to lose his career over this? can we say SET UP? this whole thing is just stupid.

  • Bridget

    I am a white woman with an African American husband. I do not believe that Dog is a racist. I believe people are blowing this thing way out of proportion. How would the rest of us like it if our private phone conversations were recorded and aired for the whole nation? We all say things that can be misconstrued. And being in a bi-racial relationship I understand what he meant by using the word. He is right about one thing, if a black person says it to another black person it is ok, but now matter how cool or in touch with the black community we white people think we are, we are still not allowed to say it. I think it was wrong and that his show should not be canceled. We all love and respect Dog and his family and we are grateful for the criminals they protect society from.

  • Bill Johnson

    I am White and I think this is just another example of PC causing racism and resentment. My mother was sexually assaulted twice by a Black man. Does anyone think that the N word has never come out of my mouth and my family member’s mouthes? Give me a break. Dog’s conversation was a private conversation that should have not been taped. His little bastard son should have his ass kicked and the show should not be gone. Just a bunch of crap.

  • j true

    I do think he is very wrong, i mean if my son dated a black girl and he pissed me off to a boiling point “NI**ER” would never come from my mouth, its a difference if the man used a word black girl or minority or sum stuff but damn NI**ER is a messed up word that doomed african americans for 400 years come on when is every one finally going to be civilized enough and intelligient enough to have a decent argument!

  • Tracy

    This is for Bill Johnson. Bottom line Dog’s statement was very hurtful private or not. Do not think that because your mom was assaulted by a black man that the rest of the race was cheering about it. I would have been in line to cut his dick off! It is sad to hear that because of this your family now hates an entire race of people based opon the actions of one individual. The most disturbing part of Dog’s tirade is that he said the children said it. Perpetuating the cycle of hate. I have friends and family of different nationalities to my house on a regular basis. I never had to curtail the way I talk because I do not talk that way. A lot of good white people died fighting for the freedom of my people in the 1800’s and for our civil rights in the 1900’s right along with black people. There are good and bad people of all races. The healing has to start somewhere. Why not with us? My son called a little girl a racial slur at 6 yrs old and I tore his ass up!!! He is 20 yrs old and I can tell you he remembers that one ass whipping and why I did it. Guess what? Racism cannot be tolerated! We are Americans and have to look out for one another!

  • Tracy

    And for everone else there is something wrong with the N word, The H word, The C word, the S word. All of them! Remove them from your talk. Don’t teach it to your kids! Just because rappers say it does not make it right! They are not spokespersons for Black America! that is the music of rebellious youth. Not all black people talk this way and the generalizing of a race is insulting. This is not music they will look back on 20 yrs from now and be proud of such as in the days of motown. they have taken the hip hop culture and distorted it into something ugly.

  • Fay

    *claps*I couldnt have said it better Tracy!!

  • J

    I can’t believe that nobody is appalled by this bigot except me. As an 8 year old boy I was the victim of this same type of verbal hatred when I was called a dirty little n*gger by a middle aged white woman, not to mention by numerous white classmates. Their actions that not only hurt my young feelings but made me realize that I would never be seen as an equal by some of my fellow citizens. Can somebody please tell me the date that RACISM was eliminated and wiped out because I seemed to have missed that date in my history books?

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