Dog the Bounty Hunter is cancelled

Dog Chapman

Following Duane “Dog” Chapman’s racist tirade, A&E has decided to suspend Dog the Bounty Hunter indefinitely. The network issued this statement today.

“In evaluating the circumstances of the last few days, A&E has decided to take Dog The Bounty Hunter’ off the network’s schedule for the foreseeable future. We hope that Mr. Chapman continues the healing process that he has begun.”

To make matters worse, the recorded phone call was sold to The National Enquirer by Dog’s own son for “a lot of money.” It was the proverbial nail in the coffin for Dog’s career. Oh well, he had a good run and he and his sense of style, best described as Captain Planet meets Native American, will be missed, but not by much. Actually, not at all. In fact, he could be on fire tomorrow and the only thing people would do is quietly walk by, ignoring his screams of pain or, if someone was really, really, REALLY nice, they would pee on him.

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