Britney didn’t show

Britney Spears defied court orders and chose not to go to her deposition citing “sickness.” TMZ says,

One source directly in contact with Britney tells us, “There’s a million people outside of her house. She can see all the other madness (presumably she’s looking at our live streaming video). The anxiety is making her sick. It’s just too crazy.”

Britney possesses two things. A false sense of entitlement and a glandular problem. I think the latter is to blame here. She’s always been a little overzealous when it came to eating Ding-Dongs in the morning. They need to put a warning label on those things. “May cause nausea,” or “If you’ve eaten 24 of me, you’ve eaten too much, Britney.” Knowing her she’d probably eat the wrapper too so the outcome would have been the same.

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