Britney thinks plastic surgery will help

Becoming increasingly obsessed with her looks, sources say Britney constantly checks pictures of herself on the internet and criticizes every one of them and is turning to plastic surgery to help her become the superstar she once was. OK! Magazine reports that Britney plans to spend $81,000 on a variety of surgeries such as liposuction, a breast lift with change of silicone implants, a tummy tuck and nose work.

She already underwent lip enhancement and forehead Botox on Oct. 18, a decision which the friend says was “spur of the moment.” But apparently Britney was pleased with the results so she’s singing “Gimme More” to the docs.

I’ve long touted that nothing can bring back the old Britney short of black magic and lots of plastic surgery. Awesome, she’s halfway there. Now all she needs is eye of newt and an unborn fetus and maybe a shaman with one of those cool bones through their nose and she’ll be back in people’s masturbatory fantasies in no time.

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