Madonna is demanding

Madonna went to yoga class at the Reebok Sports Club Saturday morning and turned into a raging bitch. She started talking to the instructor, but when she was told that wasn’t allowed, she kicked everyone out and practiced there alone. Page Six writes,

According to a member of the class, when Madonna started talking to the instructor and he told her talking wasn’t allowed, she replied, “I need to speak to you,” and then said to the class, “I want you all to leave.” The teacher left with all 25 students. Madonna remained in the room practicing and wouldn’t leave when a 10:30 a.m. dance class was to start. Madonna’s rep said, “That sounds unlikely.” The club declined to comment.

Even if this isn’t true, what’s wrong with some peace and quiet? If I was a big star like Madonna, I’d make sure everyone knew it by throwing them out of the gym they pay membership too. It’s not because I’m a jerk, it’s because I care about them. After that incident where I flexed so hard that my bulging muscles actually knocked a kid standing 3 feet away into a coma, I swore I would never workout in front of people ever again. I mean, geez, I was only curling a baby elephant.

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16 years ago

Give the girl a break! She’s been nervous about her baby adoption. That would make anyone of us a powder keg ready to explode at the first asshole who gives you s**t!