No one likes the Spice Girls

While the Spice Girls’ first performance in London on Saturday was sold out, ticket sales for their Monday performance was less than stellar. Their show was less than half full by the time they took the stage.

Some ticket agencies were reportedly selling seats at the last minute at a one-third discount. The group will play Madison Square Garden Feb. 18, with top seats going for $149.50.

Really? This is shocking? What did everyone think was going to happen? That by some magical happenstance people were going to forget they sucked? They had one hit song that they milked for two years. I wouldn’t pay one cent to watch these grannies writhe around on stage. They should be at home telling stories that begin with, “When I was your age….” God, going to one of their concerts must be depressing. That s**t was more than 11 years ago. Those memories should have been buried with the rest of your embarrassing moments like when your mom walked in on you jerking off to your sister’s naked Barbie. If you’re still into the Spice Girls, you might as well kill yourself.

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16 years ago

Worst time of year to want high prices for tickets.. Duh..

16 years ago

Aww what happened to those notorious signature outfits!?! If you want to witness some real fashion…check out my new show airing in January….

16 years ago

Yeah Id have to agree with you there.

Did they really think we wanted a comeback? They were around long enough the first time!