Tara Reid still doing stuff

In my never ending quest to discover what it is Tara Reid actually does, I’ve stumbled upon these pictures of her about to throw herself in the ocean. Possibly because there is nothing left for her in this world save for a couple more plastic surgeries and few comped rum and cokes.

Ahhh! Don’t do it Tara (jump). You have so much to live for (jump). Where else are people going to find discounted d-list celebrities to attend their clubs (for the love of god, jump)? It’s not like there’s an abundance of talentless actresses (there is and please jump). Hollywood still loves you sweetie and there’s tons of roles for women in their 30’s who look like they’re in their mid-40’s (no they don’t and no there isn’t). Screw it. This subliminal message stuff clearly isn’t working. JUMP you no talent drunkard!

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