Britney filed a restraining order, maybe

X17 Online claims Sam Lufti, Britney’s friend, showed them a restraining order that was filed against Adnan Ghalib. Although the LAPD has no record of it, it could just mean the paperwork is being started.

On Final Pixx’s blog, Adnan says he doesn’t know what’s going on because he was at a funeral over the weekend.

All I can say is that I have not been in contact with Britney since early Friday morning. The reason being, that I have had to attend a family funeral in Santa Barbara. My phone has been off during this time out of respect for my family. I am only now becoming aware of what is being said. I hope to be back home in Los Angeles soon and to be in contact with Miss Spears.

Restraining order? Why? Is Britney showing a modicum of intelligence? Did Adnan finally refuse to buy her Chicken McNuggets? Did he forget the sweet and sour sauce? Why am I thinking this is food related? Can it be anything other than food related? Hmmm.

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