Britney is doing just fine

Soon after being discharged from Cedars-Sinai Saturday morning, Britney Spears quickly went to Palm Desert’s Daily Grill with her paparazzi friend, Adnan Ghalib.

“She seemed in a really good mood, laughing with the guy she was with,” says the restaurant’s manager.  Spears shielded herself behind large, dark sunglasses and “had a champagne mimosa to drink,” he said.

Adnan, of course, is trying to milk as much money out of his relationship with Britney as he can. He’s been shopping pictures of him and Britney for $1 million. The Daily Mail suggests Britney may even be in on the deals. If that’s the case, she’d be able to both profit and control which pictures are released. And apparently Adnan is a modern day James Bond. The photog has been shuffling her from safe-house to safe-house.

The photographer has apparently been telling Miss Spears that he can keep her safe from the rest of the paparazzi pack by using the kind of skills he has learnt from his years on the job in LA.

It was during this three-day Bonnie and Clyde-style trip that Ghalib took various sets of pictures of Britney in their hotel suite, and videos of them together. Some sources suggest the videos were of an “extremely intimate or even sexual” in nature.

With Adnan’s help, Britney can only get better. By tomorrow expect to see Britney glowing, eyes full of promise and beaming with confidence; ready to take on the world and become the pop princess she once was. She will definitely not end up rocking back and forth in a hotel room with fudge smeared across her face while flashes from Adnan’s camera go off around her even though that would make the most sense.

In other news, Dr. Phil has stopped his crusade to stage a TV intervention (ratings gold) because her situation was “too intense”. Dr. Phil is perceptive. I thought a TV intervention would have done wonders for Britney’s mental health.

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