Britney Spears needs no support

Britney Spears

There aren’t a lot of women who would choose to go out without a bra in a see through white shirt, but then, not a lot of women are as sad sexy as Britney Spears. If you had a body that just won’t quit jiggling like Britney, wouldn’t you want to show it off? I know I would. Oh, how I would.

Britney Spears no braBritney Spears no braBritney Spears no braBritney Spears no braBritney Spears no bra

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Rick Da Ruler
Rick Da Ruler
12 years ago

Brit Brit ain’t nothing more than your basic porn MILF now these days…Oh how the mighty have fallen(but not her sweet bank acct.)…Therefore, I too must grace her somehow bizarrely sexually attractive confused ass w/the anaconda too since apparently that’s her only major redeeming value…

12 years ago

She might not need support but she could definitely use some Proactive!

11 years ago

Good for him.

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