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I know your day wouldn’t be complete without 50 different stories about Britney Spears.

Britney would die for her boys
OK! Magazine‘s new issue features Britney with her two boys on the cover looking happy. The photographer says that Britney was moved by the photograph when she first saw it.

“I’m told that when she saw the photographs she literally cried over an hour and stared at them all night long,” says Brubaker, who points out that Britney was “very attentive” to the needs of her children during the photo shoot. In fact, the magazine goes on to quote a friend of Britney’s, who says “those boys are her everything, and she’s said repeatedly that life isn’t worth living if she can’t have her babies with her.”

What’s more, the friend reveals that “Britney has always said, ‘I would die for my boys if that’s what it took to prove I loved them. I’d do anything for them.'”

I’m guessing this was taken before she took one of them hostage.

Dr. Phil went too far
Lou Taylor, the business manager for the Spears’ family, said on the Today show that Dr. Phil “betrayed the family’s trust” by talking to the media after visiting Britney at Cedars-Sinai. The Spears’ family wanted the TV doctor to help Spears, not make public statements about her mental health. They have decided to stop speaking to Dr. Phil, especially now that they won’t be getting any money out of it.

Britney’s parents want her committed
Both Britney’s mother and father have been trying for months to put Britney away in a mental hospital for her bipolar disorder. Of course, Britney refused and vehemently denies there’s anything mentally wrong with her. They say former friend, Sam Lufti, was to blame for Britney’s refusal. A helpful hint to the Spears. If you want Britney to do anything, you need to bait her with food. Preferably fried.

Britney needs to be on suicide watch
Britney’s aunt Chanda McGovern says the popstar needs to be on suicide watch. I disagree. It’s doubtful Britney will be able to kill herself by overdosing on Ben & Jerry’s.

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