Sean Penn loves to party

Sean Penn and his wife, Robin Wright, are divorcing and Star Magazine (via MSNBC) may have a reason why. For their last weekend together, Sean booked a room at the Squaw Valley resort in Lake Tahoe where he chose not to have “couple-friendly accommodations”. He left his wife alone in her room most of the time and when Robin got tired of sitting on her ass, she went over to Sean’s room where she found him “drunk with two Russian girls.” Star continues

Allegedly the actor continued to party the night away, while Robin was nowhere to be seen. “When asked where his wife was, he answered, ‘Who cares?'”

Sean Penn always walks around with a surly demeanor. Partying with him must be fun. I can imagine him sitting on the edge of the bed, drinking Jack Daniels straight from the bottle as he stares, somewhat angrily, at two Russian girls pillow fighting each other. The guy is nuts. If it was me, I’d be jumping up and down on the bed clapping my hands and doing somersaults like an idiot monkey proclaiming this to be the greatest day ever. Sure, I’d look like a acrobatic retard, but I’m about to do it with two Russian chicks. At the same time!

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