Britney Spears isn’t cured

Evidently, Britney Spears is still absolutely nuts. Earlier this month, she brought a Dolce & Gabbana dress into Betsey Johnson and told them she wanted them to duplicate it all in white by that evening. Guess what happened.

According to a witness, “the staff explained that they didn’t have a dressmaker on call who could do it in time.” Never mind that the frock she wanted copied wasn’t even their label.

“The only thing she wanted to buy in the store was the yellow wig on a mannequin in the window,” laughs the source. “The manager eventually agreed to offer it to her for $100.”

I feel bad for Britney. People are always overcharging her. Mannequin wigs are cheap. I’d know because when I asked a store manager for one to put on my life-size Winnie the Pooh bear so I could pretend it was a real girl, he said I could have it for $5.

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15 years ago

she is schizo. doctors call it incurable. they can only give her medicine to calm her down.