Pamela Anderson keeps it classy

Pamela Anderson made two one-night only appearances — not sure how that works — at the Le Crazy Horse saloon on Valentine’s Day much to the delight of an eager crowd. In an homage to Brigitte Bardot, Anderson stripped to her hit song “Harley Davidson”.

In her much-anticipated strip show at the famed Le Crazy Horse saloon, Anderson, 40, sported a sheer black body stocking and made her stage bow on the back of a motorcycle in front of 500 enthusiastic fans, revealing much more of her considerable talents than expected.

“She was totally into it — it was impressive. And the crowd responded very warmly.”

Though the Crazy Horse specializes in presenting topless dancers, “It’s a celebration of women,” says Anderson. “It’s done very respectfully, very classy, and it’s a wonderful show for women as well as for men.”

“This isn’t for money,” said Anderson. “It’s just for the love of the art, and the Crazy Horse does it best.”

This is confusing. 1,000 people paid $300 each just to get in to watch a 40 going on 60-year-old Pamela Anderson strip. Note that this was in Paris which may explain everything. Over here, you become a social outcast when you tell people you enjoy watching geriatrics strip. In France, you’re not hip or cool and are actually looked down upon if you haven’t paid $300 to watch a granny shake her baby maker. The only thing is, she better be doing it in a feather boa or else it’s just filth and not high art.

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