Pam Anderson Says Harvey Weinstein’s Victims Just Should Have Not Gotten Raped

Pam Anderson went on Megyn Kelly Today this morning and told Kelly that the women harassed and raped by Harvey Weinstein should have, you know, not done that. It sounds so easy, I wonder how anyone gets pressured into sex with their superior. Just don’t go to the mall when Roy Moore is shopping for a new tie if you don’t want to get molested, you dumb junior high kids. It’s all so easy.

Anderson has some great advice for aspiring actresses. Just leave when the powerful producer who can end your career comes out in a bathrobe. Don’t go to the private audition that your agent set up for you and is threatening to drop you over if you don’t! Why are you dizzy broads so dumb, it’s so simple.

You know Hepatitis C can cause brain damage, right? Of course, Anderson has been cured of her Hepatitis, so maybe we’re just working with a bit of “why do we want to hear what this person who is definitely not famous for being intelligent or particularly able to act has to say anyway?”

This whole thing makes my head hurt, because Anderson goes on to make it clear she’s not blaming the victims. Which is a little like saying “I’m not an anti-Semite, but I do think the Jews control all the money.” Sometimes, even if you mean well, it’s better to just not say anything. I know Pam is giving herself a pat on the back and saying “I gave some young actress some good advice today” and maybe she did, but what she also did was give Harvey Weinstein and any supporters he may actually still have an excuse to go “see, she wouldn’t have come up to my hotel room if they didn’t want it.”

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