Speak up little girl! Gary A’Busey is deaf.

An 11-year-old interviewed Gary Busey for the United Nation Children’s Foundation and it turned out fantastic. That is if you call being cut down by Gary Busey fantastic. Despite giving an awesome opinion on Paris Hilton (a pathological liar) and Britney and Lindsay (idiots), he gives the kid a hard time. The girl then asked Gary to give a shout out to her website. That’s when the real fun begins. In Gary’s defense, the kid was being a total jackass. How dare you not speak up when talking to this artist.

Starzlife, the ones who filmed it, didn’t take kindly to his craziness because yesterday, they called him A’Busey and said Gary was visibly drunk. Gary also “spit-yelled” at the kid and “yanked” the camera out of her hands. They took the whole thing down today of course. Possibly in fear Gary Busey might come over and once again bathe them in his spittle.

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