Tyra Banks messed herself

Fabian Basabe, who’s blog hurts my eyes (paragraphs, man), wrote yesterday that former supermodel Tyra Banks pooped her pants at Fashion Week. Basabe was working an interview in the tents when Tyra’s entourage kicked him out claiming “Tyra Banks messed herself and needed to change.” Supposedly, this happens quite often because Tyra already had a spare set of clothes around.

That’s disappointing. Now she’s not only a fat ass, but her bowels will empty themselves at moments notice. Sleeping with her must be fun. Imagine banging her after a big dinner only to have your bed turn into a brown slip and slide before climax? I know I can. It’s getting me all hot and bothered. All this of course makes the video up top even more disturbing.

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15 years ago

yeah i agree that’s abit disgusting but you can hardly call her a fat ass!
jeez, you wonder why all these kids wanna be size zero now.

Capt Cornhole
Capt Cornhole
15 years ago

Ah…. you know what a causes common “SHARTS”?
WRONG! Not cornholing, that pretty harmless in that respect.
However, anal fisting and too many colonic!

either way, girl is getting her ass played with.

I would love to bury my snout in her floppy cornhole!

Give her a case of chapped taint she’d never forget.

15 years ago

Sick….I hope she gets control of her bodily functions… If this is even true
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15 years ago

she has irritable bowel syndrome
it happens
get over it