Britney’s conservatorship extended

The commissioner has extended Jamie Spears’ conservatorship over Britney Spears until July 31. Not because Britney is going insane mind you, but because he wants to “ensure stability.” TMZ reports:

We’ve learned Brit’s mental state was not a factor in extending it. The real concern is that another wacky motion might be filed to derail the conservatorship and the commissioner didn’t want some outside lawyer swooping in if the conservatorship were to expire.

Sources also tell us Jamie Spears wants to end the conservatorship before July 31 if his daughter’s mental state improves. The commish was impressed that things have already stabilized.

This is good for Britney. Now she’s free to focus on more important things like how to stuff a turkey with ice cream and not have the ice cream melt or the turkey turn cold.

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Just Keep plugging away my friend

No matter how you slice it shes seczy

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