Greatest. Actress. Ever.

This short clip of Britney Spears’ upcoming appearance on How I Met Your Mother was released by CBS a while ago. They decided to go with a clip of her saying, “Can we have sex and then go shopping?” in an attempt to capitalize on Britney’s fame and… sexuality? This just goes to show how out of touch CBS is. No one wants to have sex with Britney. Having her body fall on you in a heap of blubber and grease after climaxing isn’t a common fantasy. A more exciting clip to show would be one of Britney walking past a buffet. That one would shock viewers. “It was all you can eat. But. But. Britney didn’t eat anything!”

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Julie Belle
Julie Belle
14 years ago

So it’s ok for Britany Spears to say “CAN WE HAVE SEX FIRST THEN GO SHOPPING?” on CBS? How out of touch is CBS with Christian America?? Obviously, they are a bunch of liberal jerks, probably all men, who think with the wrong head. I, for one, will not watch this show or anything about Ms. Spears as she is a loser. Nor will I watch CBS either as I am deleting it off my Dish satellite guide. They offer nothing to watch anymore anyway. Dan Rather would be proud.

14 years ago

Oh come on “Julie Belle”. If that little sentence that has the word sex in it freaks you out, that why are you even on the Blemish? And deleting a channel because of that. Dear Lord. coughradicalcough “Christian” America needs to wake up if THAT is motivating such negative passion.

14 years ago

Christian America is a dying breed anyway.

Julie, if it wasn’t for sex you wouldn’t even exist. Nor would I. Or anyone else for that matter. So let’s celebrate sex instead of trying to sweep it under the rug because old, religious dogmas tell us to.

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