Owen Wilson wants to bang Jennifer Aniston

Owen Wilson and Jennifer Aniston may be an item says Star. The two are currently filming Marley and Me in which they play husband and wife. Sources on set report that they hugged a lot. Which, as anyone knows, indicates penis in vagina type shenanigans.

“The hugging didn’t end when the cameras stopped rolling,” one crew member tells Star. “They were very flirty together, far more than you would expect. In between takes they were hanging onto each other. They are very friendly.”

Before they even started filming, Owen and Jen started bonding. Back in October, Star reported that they were speaking regularly by phone and Jen sent Owen some of her favorite books, including The Power of Now. At the time a source close to the actress said, “Owen has come to rely on Jen’s phone calls.”

Jennifer Aniston is a boring actress. Watching her is like sitting in front of a brick wall waiting for something to happen. “Look! I think it just. No. My mistake. It’s still just a bunch of red bricks.”

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capt Cornhole
capt Cornhole
16 years ago

Owen Wilson and David Spade are two Hollywood ghouls.
In the interest of all jilted Hollywood women they need to be cornholed with extreme prejudice twice daily for a month.
They must be forced to get grundle tattooes.
Forever marking them as ghouls.

Though cutting their cocks off like in the BME vid would be kinda cool. (damn that even makes me shudder to type). Hatchet cock anyone?