What a weirdo

This technically isn’t related to celebrities, but whatever. The story is awesome and insanely creepy. During what I presume was a sting operation, hidden cameras revealed F1 boss Max Mosley to be a Nazi orgy loving, sado-masochistic, role-playing pervert. Max is the son of Oswald Mosley who was such good friends with Adolph Hitler that Hitler was the guest of honor at his wedding.

Multi-millionaire Max “plays a concentration camp commandant in a five hour torture chamber video.” In it, he whips two hookers in concentration camp uniforms and at one point hysterically yells, “she needs more of ze punishment!” Later, he is whipped himself until he starts bleeding. Then he and the hookers do a bunch of other weird stuff. Did I mention Max is 67-years-old?

This was reported by News of the World and I’ve quoted the more interesting parts. It’s a long read, but it’s worth it. NSFW video above.

…while brandishing a LEATHER STRAP over a brunette’s naked bottom.

Then the lashes rain down as Mosley counts them out in German: “Eins! Zwei! Drei! Vier! Fünf! Sechs!”

With each blow, the girl yelps in pain as grinning, grey-haired Mosley becomes clearly aroused. And after the beating, he makes her perform a sex act on him.

Before hammering away at the girls he plays a cowering death camp inmate himself, having his GENITALS inspected and his hair searched for LICE–mocking the humiliating way Jews were treated by SS death camp guards in World War II.

Then, head bowed and tied up in chains, he is interrogated by a dominatrix before being chained up and LASHED so hard over a TORTURE BENCH that he WHIMPERS for mercy and has to have a wound dressing put on his backside.

After paying £2,500 in cash, Mosley–a good friend of F1 billionaire Bernie Ecclestone–was ordered by the head hooker to strip as she played out his sick fantasy.

“OK, undress,” she snapped. “UNDRESS! You are going to be punished to be shown how we treat prisoners in our facility.”

As his white Y-fronts hit the floor, the powerfully built blonde barked out her orders: “Head down. Let’s see if they have been keeping you clean at the other facility.

“Hurry up! Lie face down! Don’t look at me!” Mosley meekly obeyed and was chained and manacled before another blonde dominatrix, wearing only a jacket, shirt and knee-length boots, entered the room.

As another hooker ticked off points on an inspection sheet, she roughly scrutinised his head and private parts before demanding his age. “I’m 42,” he whispered, lying to attract a severe beating. He also lied about his name, saying he was called Tim Barnes, so the punishment would be really painful.

He got what he wanted. “You are now going to be punished,” hissed the dominatrix. “You are going to receive 12 strokes of the birch plus another three for not telling me your real age. Then you will receive six strokes of the cane.”

Mosley was then bent over and strapped naked to a leather torture bench. The muscular blonde dealt him 15 savage blows. Towards the end Mosley was whimpering and gasped for breath. Reddened and bruised, he then received a further six strokes with a cane.

His flogging over, he left the room before saying, “Thank you, mistress”. After having his wounds dressed, Mosley makes the transformation from masochist to sadist. Now fully clothed, he bends two blonde girls over the whipping bench, their striped concentration camp-style uniform bottoms yanked down to expose their buttocks.

He converses in German with one girl throughout the torture, loving every minute of death camp role-play, while the other girl pleads: “I don’t know what you are saying, so I don’t know what to do.”

A frantic orgy then begins, as a brunette hooker is strapped to a bench before a dominatrix uses a sex toy on her. Later she performs a lesbian act on one of the blondes. Red-faced and panting, Mosley looks on like a child in a sweet shop, but surrounded by bright red bottoms.

The orgy lasted almost five hours and the five hookers spent the final ten minutes laughing and drinking wine together. One said: “The girls have all had a good seeing-to!”

After the sex marathon, Mosley dressed again and had a quick pit-stop, turning down wine in favour of a cup of tea. At 5.05pm, he put on his overcoat and disappeared into the blustery afternoon to resume his other life as Max the respectable motor-racing mogul who will be officiating at the next Formula One Grand Prix in Bahrain next weekend.

*Scoots assless chaps, laxatives, fist-shaped dildo and midget hookers under bed* Heh heh. That guy’s a freak, huh?

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13 years ago

Actually who gives a s**t what this guy does!?!? He’s got all that money, I say God bless let him do as he will. :O)

capt. cornhole
capt. cornhole
13 years ago

I follow F1, this guy is uptight pecker-head.

Is that Nazi stuff true? I never heard that before.
I guess you can’t

13 years ago

His dad was the leader of the British fascists.

13 years ago

If it exists, someone will fetishize it. This is a serious
argument against Holocaust denial in this instance.

Also, eeeeewwwww.

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