Britney is back, not really

OK! Magazine’s cover story this week is how Britney lost 15 lbs in just 4 weeks and under it: “Back to her old body with the miracle food that sheds weight fast.”! The headline is accompanied by a picture of a svelte Britney Spears who looks like she did in 2003. The thing is, the picture they use of Britney is actually from 2003. It was part of a Glamour’s Women of the Year photo shoot. The Huffington Post says:

With rave reviews of her guest spot on “How I Met Your Mother,” Britney does actually show signs of a comeback and a return to her old star self. But unfortunately, OK!’s cover photo choice paints an unrealistic picture of her comeback, which is a work in progress – and shows that the only way to “Steal Brit’s New Diet Secret,” as the cover screams, is to go back over 4 years in time.

People are being a little harsh on OK! Magazine. Would you rather see the current Britney who’s mouth would most likely be slathered in mayo or the sexy Britney from 2003 staring at you from the checkout stands at Ralph’s? It’s a rhetorical question. Anyway, they do this all the time on and Craigslist. Girls put up a picture of them from six years ago which convinces you to meet them at a cafe. You meet them, see that they actually look like that portly mouse from Cinderella and when they try to hug you, you have to blow your rape whistle and mace them to the ground. People say that’s overreacting. I say that’s not reacting enough.

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