Britney Spears is easily tricked

Idol Gives Back debuted yesterday in place of elimination and the special tugged Britney’s heartstrings so hard that she asked her dad for permission to use her AMEX card to donate $25,000. A Spears family insider tells Life & Style,

“She did it all on her own. She watched the show and cried for like two hours over the children in Africa with malaria,”

“She didn’t know much about the disease, so she Googled it. She was horrified to realize kids were dying from mosquito bites.

“So she went online and donated after getting [her dad] Jamie’s permission. She used her Amex.”

Did you hear that? All on her own. She’s a big girl now! Giving up a month worth of frappuccinos for those little tykes in Africa wasn’t easy for Britney. But, she did it! Although after phoning in her donation, Britney was heard crying, “Oh, God! What have I done?! WHAT HAVE I DONE?!”

Here’s Britney running in and out of the woods because gas station restrooms are so yesterday.

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larry k
larry k
13 years ago

Where is everyone at? They said this was the audition line for American Idol. I’ll just keep waiting.

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