Britney Spears to release video diaries

In move that will surely shock the world or just mildly entertain 20-somethings channel surfing on a lonely Friday night, Britney Spears might release her video diaries either online or through MTV. The 26-year-old singer has been recording her ordeals for the past six months. In it, she talks about her family, friends, exes and Christina Aguilera. The Mirror says,

“Britney’s video diaries are the talk of the Tinseltown elite,” we’re told. “Her high-profile friends and exes – including Justin – knew what she was up to but assumed she was filming herself as a form of therapy. If she does decide to go public with the footage, it’ll be explosive.

“Although some of it is really sad to watch – especially the parts where she’s close to breakdown – others are dynamite. Not surprisingly both JT and Kevin Federline are terrified the material will end up all over the net.

I have mixed feelings about this. On one hand, there comes a time when you tire of listening to a tubby chick drone on and on about how delicious her morning turkey stuffed with banana, strawberry, fudge, cookie dough and spare ribs was. On the other, you really want to know how she managed to eat it all without chewing.

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