Jay-Z is mean

Not even 14 days of marriage and Jay-Z and Beyonce are already fighting. The newlyweds were at the Hollywood Bowl in LA showing off their matching IV tats. The DJ began playing Beyonce’s “Crazy in Love” when Jay-Z rushed the stage and yelled, “F*** that. Sorry Bey but f*** that – let’s play something else.” Naturally, Beyonce was pissed and walked off. Jay-Z said it was a joke and groveled until she forgave him.

“Beyonce had been side stage for most of the night, dancing and singing along,” says a fellow reveller. But when Jay-Z got the song pulled, her mood soured. He meant it as a joke, but Beyonce didn’t take it that way.

“After he came off stage, she confronted him, demanding to know what the hell his comments had been about. She was gesturing wildly and not looking happy.

Typically I like to wait at least two months until I publicly humiliate my wife. But that’s just me. I’m not a big rap superstar like Jay-Z. Although, for his next joke, he should really consider pantsying Beyonce on stage and then pushing her over. It’ll be hilarious. Because it was a goof! Get it?!

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14 years ago

What does she see in that fugly prick. I give their marriage 1 year, at the most.

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