Beyonce Fans Sent Golden State Warriors Owner’s Wife Death Threats For Talking to Jay-Z

There was a new meme today based on an interaction Jay-Z had with Nicole Curran, wife of Golden State Warriors owner Joe Lacob. Basically, she leaned forward to say something to him because his wife Beyonce was sitting between them. It lead to some funny takes on social media, like this one from Blemish favorite Stavros Halkias.

Beyonce looks slightly inconvenienced by this, and that’s her all her fans needed to unleash a torrent of hatred and death threats at Curran. Seriously.

Shelburne is a reporter for ESPN.

What is wrong with people on the internet. You saw the picture, all this woman did was talk to Jay-Z in front of his wife.

Here’s a video.

And here’s some of the harassment it engendered.

And what exactly did Curran say here? She asked Jay-Z if she could get him something to drink.

A few years ago, we had to listen to endless hand-wringing about online harassment because some dumb video game fans called a YouTuber a cunt for making some idiotic videos about Mario is sexist or whatever. People still bring that up, and you’ll see tweets like “Donald Trump’s new policy of beheading immigrant children is all the fault of some people who gave the Ghostbusters trailer a thumbs down.”

This is just who people are. Assholes. Everything you love is loved by a non-zero number of assholes. Including Beyonce.

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