We’ve Finally Found The World’s Sexiest Instagram Model

It’s no secret that we here at The Blemish do our fair share of covering models as a flimsy excuse to post bikini pictures from their Instagram accounts so you pervs have something to wank to on your bathroom break at work because the boss blocked PornHub, which is basically a war crime.

We may have to stop. Not because of complaints or lack of interest (you guys love it to an almost insulting degree compared to my actual writing) and not because of morality (because we basically have none). No, the reason we may have to stop is because we’ve found the world’s most beautiful model. A model of such alluring sexiosity that you’re not going to go back to looking at women like Emily Ratajkowski or Bella and Gigi Hadid, they just don’t compare.

You may think I’m overselling this, but I’m not. This is perfection. This is beauty greek sculptors only wish they could have captured. This is Stavros Halkias.

Wow, I’m having trouble collecting myself to finish this article.

Oh, the naked apron, it’s like a page from an erotic manga!

Now that is some nyotaimori I would ask for seconds on.

If you want more of Stavros, and we all know you do, you can catch him on the Cum Town podcast and he was recently featured on Comedy Central.

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