Miley Cyrus performed at Idol Gives Back

Last night was Idol Gives Back day where a bunch of stars performed for charities. Miley Cyrus was one of those performers and she terrifies me. Not because she’s a down to earth girl who hasn’t become pregnant, sent to rehab or defiled by Hollywood, but at 15, she sounds like a 30 year old. When you meet her, I’m sure you’ll be surprised to discover that she isn’t actually possessed by the devil.

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13 years ago

umm…DURR shes not possesed by the devil and she doesnt sound like shes thirty…you guys are crazy!!! im her next door neighbor!!!!!!!!! i talk to her allll the time!

13 years ago

While I contend that I do like Miley Cyrus, I was more than disappointed with the “stripper-like” performance she gave on this show. There was especially one moment – where she went down to her knees facing the audience and then spread them wide for the world to wonder at. Bad form Miley. I have young boys who love Hannah Montana and who listen to Miley’s music. It would be a shame to have to stop it because she’s beginning to turn into another Britney. Stop it before it goes to far!!

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