This makes no sense

Avril Lavigne

Avril Lavigne is pretty. Annoying, but pretty. Deryck Whibley, not so much. It’s safe to say evolution left him behind. Like, if he and evolution were playing hide-and-seek, evolution would have gotten in its car and sped away before Deryck counted to 10. That’s why it’s a shock to see his hands all over Avril’s ass and breasts. Normally, the only time you’d see a pretty girl let a guy like this molest her without screaming for help is after he hit her over the head with a club, dragged her to his cave, chained her to a rock and threatened to kill her family. Although, Avril does look unconscious in the header photo. So, maybe that’s an accurate description of what happened?

Run awayRun awayRun awayRun awayRun awayRun awayRun awayRun awayRun awayRun away

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capt cornhole
capt cornhole
12 years ago

Same deal w/ Xtina’s husband. Evolution skiped a step with his family tree. Dude’s got hairy knuckles. His mom likely does too.

And she didn’t even have the sense to not breed with him.

12 years ago

Yep when tries to stand up straight you’ll notice that:
a. he can’t stand up straight
b. His hands touch the floor.

Having said that: Avril has only just barely evolved.

12 years ago

Did anyone notice that these images seem to come from Avril’s own website? How sad and weird… like what could you gain from having people see your fug husband toughing on your fug self??

12 years ago

I don’t think these two have any kind of emotional attachment to each other. It seems more of an act. There just together to pass the time away. I’d like to see what Avrils like on her own again. I think she’s just hiding behind her fake relationships.

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