Update: Nooooooo, my eyes, my beautiful eyes

Adam Savage is kinky

See update below

Mythbusters forum via ONTD has forever scarred my soul with this picture. For that, I am compelled to pass it along to you guys. I don’t want to be alone in this and you shall all suffer with me. If you’re wondering why this is on here, this picture is supposedly Adam Savage from Mythbusters and I want to vomit. Don’t click on this link. There’s a reason the header is completely blacked out. It is highly NSFW and there’s no turning back. To give you an idea of what this is of, a poster the Mythbusters forum writes:

this is to whomever is posting the photos of Adam naked, my 11 year old son woke up early and hopped on the computer to come here to see what episodes are coming up (this is one of his favorite shows) and clicked a photo link (i wont post it here)
but the link seems to contain naked photos of Adam Savage, he was terribly upset by these and I feel compelled to contact media sources for scarring my young boy.

this WAS his favorite show, hes been crying all morning.

please look into this, and until i see an apology for this consider my family no longer viewers of Mythbusters OR ANY Discovery channel shows, if these are the kinds of perverts you put on air.


A concerned parent.

Note that it’s not yet been proven if this picture is of the real Adam Savage so you may really be staring at someone else completely. I’m not sure if that makes you feel better or worse.

Update: As you all suspected, it’s not Adam Savage. Adam Savage would have shaved. Proof here. (NSFW)

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I hate you


Yeah, nothing bad ever happens on television show forums. Ever.


*still vomitting*
plucks out her eyes…


Fake. Some other person with placed head. You’d have to mad to think he’d do something like this. Geez, use your head, this is the Interweb!


ooooooooooooooooo great googly moogly

why ooo why do i have to be so dam noisy … there goes my breakfast lunch n dinner… thanks adam

Justin L

oh no! an anus! I’m traumatized! think of the children!


That’s sexy as HELL!!!!!


An 11 year old cry for a whole day after seeing a pic of a naked man… Hmm.. I guess that boy have never ever been on a beach, or a bathhouse, or a gym.. .. ;)
That mother must be a christian fanatic. A normal kid wouldn’t be traumatized by this. A branwashed kid however, probably would.

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