Keira Knightley will not digitally enhance her breasts

Keira Knightley

Back in 2004, Keira Knightley had her breasts digitally enhanced for the King Arthur publicity photos. She explained that it was because in the US, you had to have a C-cup or more to be considered a woman. Now, for her new movie The Duchess, Keira has refused a similar enhancement.

A source told the newspaper that movie bosses wanted the slender actress to appear more curvaceous, but “she has insisted that her figure stay in its natural state. She is proud of her body and doesn’t want it altered.”

Oh yea? Keira’s not the only one that can refuse things. I refuse to watch this movie until I see Keira on promotional posters with double D’s jutting out beyond the confines of a 2-D image. I want to be poked in the eye with Keira’s tits when I walk by a poster for The Duchess. Then and only then will I consider watching her movie. That’ll show her. That’ll show her good.

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*blinks like an owl, tries to think of any of the last 50 movies he’s watched where someone get’s raped, can’t name one* Yeah… all these new rapey movies coming out in cinema’s.

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