Sienna Miller is on vacation, topless

Sienna Miller

Here’s Sienna Miller topless in Positano, Italy with her boyfriend Balthazar Getty. This would mark the 56th time everyone has seen her tits and the first time everyone has seen his.

For those who don’t know who Balthazar is, Wikipedia says he’s “an American film actor and member of the band Ringside” and “married to Rosetta Millington and has four children: Cassius, Grace, Violet, and June.” Also, this next fact may come as a surprise to you as it did me, but it seems Rosetta Millington isn’t a pseudonym for Sienna Miller.

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  • djdkdfj

    wow she is out of this world, i love it how she so free naked, she’s like practicly a nudist.

  • pixie

    She is a slut wooo

  • Fillup

    Beautiful & Gorgeous she is, WOW – pretty.

  • strumpetpatrol

    She does like the married ones, doesn’t she?

  • finokino

    you are and idiot…she’s a slut. you should bang this ugly skank

  • hdshs

    She is very beautiful.

  • Estrella

    What’s the big deal? she barely has any boobs!! they look morem like nipples… My 12 year old nice has boobs that size…

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