Katy Perry had her breasts molded for a good cause

Katy Perry let some woman fondle her 32D’s all in the name of breast cancer awareness. The mold of Katy’s breasts will be painted by someone sort of famous — I forgot who because my head is still spinning from the fact that there’s only a thin layer of mold between me and Katy’s breasts. That and my computer monitor, the non-hi-def resolution of YouTube and 600 miles, but whatever. I’m sooo close — and put up for auction. Anticipating that this will be on eBay, I have created the username “ShowMEYourTItsKatyPerry” and am ready to bid ten dollars. I have a good feeling I’m going to win this.

Yes, I know this is a week old, but… tits!

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yasser s
9 years ago

remember the good she is making Mr. sarcastic, and this mold will never equal 10 dollars, remember even your dollars will go to cancer patients, I think there are people who are ready  to give ten thousands of dollars for this charity not ten dollars for sarcasm

10 years ago

What an amazing woman!

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