Paula is concerned

Yesterday, it was announced that a fourth person, Kara DioGuardi, would be added to the current lineup of American Idol judges which include Paula Abdul, Simon Cowell and Randy Jackson. Kara has written songs for Christina Aguilera to the Jonas Brothers. Still, Paula is concerned the audience will not accept Kara. Huh? Do people care? Paula just doesn’t want to explain to Kara why she seems drunk all the time (It’s because she’s been drinking). Pop Tarts goes on to ask:

What happens if she and Jackson vote one way, but DioGuardi disagrees?

“That’s gonna be weird if it’s a split decision,” Abdul said. “I’m sure Simon will get to make the final [call].”

“It takes the fun out of all the hard work I do to push those kids through,” she added.

I’ve watched this show a few times. I have not seen this hard work Paula speaks of. I hear a lot of whining and incoherent speech and dull musings about that one time when she was famous. Is that considered hard work? To find out, I just sat through an episode pretending to be a judge. It was pretty easy. I guess I’m just a natural.

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